Transmission Oil Change Lexington KY

Changing the transmission oil is a necessary procedure, especially for vehicles with a manual gearbox. This is a particular compound that creates a strong film, so as to withstand very high loads.

The role of the gear oil in gearbox

The oil used to lubricate the transfer cases, gear boxes, steering gear, and transmission and drive axle’s gears and chain drives. Thus, they are used wherever necessary or transmit turning via the oil itself or through gears. Their main feature is, to lubricate the resistance surface, but beyond it, gear oils must meet some objectives:

  1. Through the formation of a solid film, they prevent wear of friction parts.
  2. Heat transfer.
  3. Corrosion Protection.
  4. Reduce shock loads on the contacting gears.


The gear oil needs to be changed more frequently than the engine. However, this procedure is also mandatory. When you are unable to change the oil due to your busy schedule, it is, therefore, necessary to regularly check the level. In this case, note that you can just use the original oil, which does not harm your car.

What about the automatic transmission, as in this case, the oil should be changed every 70 thousand kilometers, but more precisely it depends on several factors, such as operating conditions, climate, and type of automatic transmission.

Replacing the oil in a Manual Transmission

  • For starters, take a small march, no more than 20 kilometers, it will warm up the old oil, and it will have the right level of turnover so that it will drain quite simple.
  • Leave the vehicle alone for 10 to 15 minutes, but no more.
  • Remove the oil filler cap; it will greatly facilitate the whole procedure. Incidentally, immediately check the condition of the O-ring on the cover, and change it if necessary.
  • Very gently turn away a stopper located at the drainage hole, and pour out the old waste oil.
  • Wrap back the drain hole, add the required amount of fluid (to the lower edge). In the end, cover the cork.

Oil Change In Automatic Transmission

What about the operation of automatic transmission, in this case, all the initial actions and instruments will be identical with the mechanics, the differences already appear after the installation of a car on a viewing hole. It is necessary to disconnect the feed pipe from the radiator, or rather from its socket. Then put the pipe into the container, which shall be greater than 5 liters. Start the engine in neutral gear; thus fluid will be drained out, but be aware that the engine must not operate for more than one minute.

After switching off the engine, remove the plug from the drain hole, and pour the remaining wasted liquid. Turning back the plug, the syringe fills 5.5 liters of new oil through the filler hole, located at the top of the crankcase. Next, fill a syringe with 2 liters of fluid through the supply hose. Start the engine again and mix through a tube of 3.5 liters of oil.


After stopping the engine, back to fill in 3.5 liters of the tube and perform the last two procedures as long as the supply of the pipe does not flow out as much as 8 liters. At the end pour the required amount of hydraulic fluid. Note that, in any case, if it is impossible to fill more than or less than the transmission oil, the amount should be strictly the same as specified in the service book cars. – Transmission Repair Shop Lexington KY is a Full-Service Car Repair and preventative servicing center, Thecarmasters has been servicing Transmission needs for over ten years. Our experts will repair Brake, transmission, starters and other parts of the car on time and without delay.

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The Benefits of Ceilling Roses

Decorative ceiling roses and moldings are created from plaster model. Moreover, plaster moldings can be produced with traditional techniques to restore aged designs. A ceiling rose can earn a huge difference to the total appearance of a room. There are numerous different reasons why you may install suspended ceilings.

Hide cracks

Nowadays, they don’t have an authentic functional purpose (if you don’t count hiding cracks in ceiling plaster). It’s a task that could take a while because there are such a wide variety of materials and designs to pick from, and also you must understand what you want from your ceiling. On the opposite hand, it may just be utilized to cover cracks in the roof!



Plaster cornice tiles contain sound insulation, therefore providing your room a good deal quieter. In later years these and lots of new ones are made robust to prevent heat loss.

Decorative element

Ceiling roses are used to serve the same decorative purpose; you may choose from either inverted or mounted to offer distinctive consequences. You only need to go to your hardware store to have a bonding agent suitable for your ceiling. A light trough is a gap created over the standard ceiling height in order to generate a superior result in the region.


Your installation might be appropriate for you in a number of ways. You just need to consider which you like, which will fit your room and which is in your budget.

Material and designs

Traditionally, ceiling roses are made from plaster. These days, ceiling roses are produced from quite a few materials including polymer-based products. Presently, they are created from a number of materials including polymer-based products. For a class finish to your home, flushed plastered ceilings are ideal. The subsequent ceiling roses are simpler to paint, together with being lighter and therefore easier to install.

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It’s important to map the most suitable proportions for both the ceiling dimensions and room dimensions. The reward of resin ceiling roses is they do come in a wider assortment of sizes, allowing you to make a more dramatic appearance.

If you’re searching for high-quality plaster goods, you won’t need to look any further than Consequently, our whole selection of ceiling roses are very versatile. We’ve got the knowledge, experience, and capacity to help you produce a distinctive setting. This is the reason, we have taken so much care in creation, and our designs look authentic along with stylish.

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How To Choose Choosing A Budget-Friendly Lightweight Staging In UK?

There are many choices to make when selecting the best Lightweight Staging for your event, celebration or party. Here in this article there are some great tips and guidelines for choosing a budget-friendly option for portable stage.

1) What size of the stage do you require?

There are many standard and customized stage sizes to choose from. Consider these four important things:

  • The wider deck size is good for video and audience perception because the wider deck looks even bigger.
  • Depth of portable staging deck is designed for working space. Bigger or several groups bands performing the same show, need more space. Usually, audiences do not notice the depth.
  • Draw a box on the ground by the help of a stick and measure it. Remember that people do not normally stand close to the sides of a stage if you use side rails for portable stage.
  • Consider platform risers for press and camera, FOH decks, and other stage accessories.

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You can call for help to build portable staging deck, however, go ahead and make drawings and e-mail them to your chosen service provider company. You will find customized styles available.

 2) What amount of space for the stage and roof do you need for the event?

Obviously the actual size of both parts are of the answer, but there is much more to consider than that such as the roof has man cables. He alters the stage background the way you perform and according to your situation.

Professional Technician provides theme layout service that helps in making safe and customized designs for the event. When you find a perfectly organized event, you need to sure it lives somewhere on paper. That is the starting essence of the smart event plan.

3) What size of the roof good for the event stage?

The upright stage height enables people to see the artist or event clearly, but can be costly and hard to build. Opting for portable staging is the best solution. You get the adequate height, and provide enough space for what you may store underneath the deck. On open-air shows you can use racks to place equipment, and other various gear under the deck.


4) How big roof do you need?

There are two main types of concert roofs: Load bearing and non-load bearing.

The load bearing roof is built to manage added weight, which includes backdrops, fly lighting, video, sound, etc. But, the loads should be distributed appropriately and pay particular attention to all details.

The non-load bearing roof systems are suitable for rain protection and sunshade. They are more affordable, still require expertise and special attention to all details.

For more resources on Portable Staging, browse the details available on; all these will assist you to figure out how to get the best Stage for Your Special event!

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Know the Fantasy Football Games Rules and Win!

Have you ever fantasized about owning your professional football team? Well, very simply stated, that’s the basis of fantasy football games. What isn’t as simple are the fantasy football rules of the game that must be followed to participate in a league and excel. While doing so, make no mistake, this is a game of knowledge and technique.

It is also a game that is perfectly legal in certain countries, generally played online with a sponsor offering cash and other prizes to the winning participants.

Football pools fixtures: Most fantasy football leagues are set up for the entire regular National Football League season. Once the regular schedule is through, fantasy football finishes as well, given that only 12 teams advance to the postseason and fantasy league is dependent upon players chosen from all 32 squads. Therefore, a consequence the fantasy playoffs are completed and the winners declared during the regular NFL year. It is possible to compete on a week to week basis as well if one does not have the time to monitor his team for 17 weeks.

football games

The competition starts with the basic drafting of football players to be a part of your team. Usually, the draft order will be pre-determined by a list randomly created by the personal computer. At this point, it is the “luck of the draw” as to what football players are available when it’s your turn to select. The right selection of the player is where your knowledge of football players’ performance is all important.

You will want to select football players that will generate the maximum number of fantasy points awarded under the fantasy rules. This is based on how the football players perform on game day. As an example, you are looking for quarterbacks, QB’s who are known to throw the most touchdown passes and running backs who run the ball into the end zone more often and perhaps catch a fair share of passes there too. You will also pick wide receivers and tight ends who specialize in catching TD passes.

A kicker, preferably one who kicks many extra points and field goals from long distances and a defense who can generate points through turnovers will round out your team. Fantasy rules call for the drafting of a 14 player, team, but only nine will be designated to play each week. This is where tactically comes into play. Based mostly on which football players you feel will perform the best on any given Sunday, in large part depending upon their opposition, are the football players you will set to play that week

Fantasy football points are accumulated for the duration of the course of each game for all football players competing. Passing touchdowns are worth 4 points, while rushing and receiving TD’s receive 6 points each. You will also be given points for how much running and passing yards are accumulated in total by each player with 1 point being given for every 10 yards of production.

Kickers have awarded 3 to 5 points depending on the length of the kick and defense get 2 points each for takeaways (fumble recoveries and interceptions). Total points allowed by your defenders will also result in fantasy points with the more points attained, the lower the opponent’s point total.

There is also fun to be had in between games. Just like in the NFL, fantasy football games rules allow for trades to be done between the participants. The injuries must be monitored to be sure your fantasy player is not sidelined for the week. Even waivers can be claimed on pro football players not chosen for the duration of the draft, should one of you guys be lost for the season or an undrafted player excels as the season goes along.

Lastly, don’t forget about bye weeks when each team is given the week off by the NFL making them unavailable to your fantasy team too. 

Do I Need An Accounting Software or Accountant?

Accounting is the procedure of collecting, analyzing, and also summarizing the financial data of the business. All businesses need to stay on top of their accounts to make sure the proper management of profits and expenditures. Failure to do this can cause your company to fail. There are two methods for keeping accounts for your company, the first is enlist the assistance of an accountant and the second is to purchase some Boekhoudsoftware and manage the accounts yourself.


Many people are worried about company accounts and taxes and would prefer to pay for an accountant to do everything for them, however, this might suit a few people but not everybody. By employing an accountant this can be extremely costly and the cost will depend upon the size of your company and also the amount of financial data it generates.

Increasingly more business is utilizing accounting software because the price of an accountant can be extremely high while accounting software is a one of payment. There are numerous different kinds of accounting software for small and large business as well as for many different types of companies. Some accounting software may work for all size businesses along with modules that you could add as your business expands and your accounting requirements increase.

Some of the benefits of having accounting software are:

  • Saves time
  • 100% Accuracy
  • Saves money
  • Quick access to information
  • Up-to-date accounts always available

They’re just some of the reason why accounting software is the smartest choice for just about any business. Accounting software can make your business management far better, a lot more efficient and simpler. You’ll be able to access the up-to-date data with a simple mouse click giving you the edge against your competitors that all business must have in this day and age.

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Selecting the best software boekhoud programma  is a very critical. It is wise to do your research before you purchase any accounting software. Using the internet, it’s not an issue as you can find testimonials, websites and talk to users of software to get the best one for your specific business. I would talk to numerous users and read a lot of reviews and then consider the advantages of each. Once you’ve chosen the best one, then your business can grow and expand without any worries.

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TUBI Style Exhaust – Best Environment Friendly Option

TUBI Style Exhaust: There are many reasons which prove this fact that car smoke is not only harmful for the environment but also for the entire health of people. One particular reason is carbon dioxide that release into the atmosphere and thus increasing the whole level of greenhouse gases. This boosts the normal temperature of earth unnaturally, which is often a very harmful activity. It is fact that most people don’t know the impact of this change on our environment.

Tubi Style

Carbon monoxide is another gas that is released out of car exhaust smoke. This one is really harmful to humans when inhaled in large amounts. The reason behind this is that it blocks the ability of the lungs to provide the blood cells oxygen. Whenever walking down busy roads in very crowded places you may have noticed how foul the air is. Though at this stage it may not be really poisonous, it can trigger some problems for your respiratory system.

Why would car exhaust smell bad?

Car exhaust starts to smell bad like rotten eggs due to the sulfur material in fuel and also the catalytic converter not working properly. It can be the catalytic converter and if you have a computer for check engine light, you can check is it true or take your vehicle to any auto repair shop so as to verify that issue. The catalytic converter trouble code is P0420 which simply indicates that the catalytic converter has some problem that is why smoke is released. If this is the problem, you need to change your car exhaust system. Mostly steel exhaust systems are very good and have a long life of working as compared to other types of car exhaust systems.

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Champion Motor Sport Porsche dealer of Motorsport, provides cutting-edge technology in TUBI style for Ferrari and Porsche exhaust systems. TUBI exhaust system is tried and tested because of its high quality, functionality and sturdiness.

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Lease Porsche – The Best Chance To Buy Your Personal Vehicle

Do you know you can get the several benefits of availing the option of lease Porsche? When you buy Porsche on lease, there is no need to pay the complete price of the car. You just have to pay a part of the total amount on a monthly basis till the lease end. Furthermore the interest which is charged on one installment is a real profit for a car dealer that he gains with this deal. After the end of the lease period you can either avail another Porsche on lease or purchase the existing one. Here are some benefits of buying Porsche on lease.

911 Porsche

  • An opportunity to buy Porsche car
  • Cost savings
  • Tax benefits
  • Modest Monthly Payments
  • Flexible Terms
  • Better vehicles and less expensive serviced

Mostly lease period lasts only a couple of years and most of the lease cars are a just like a new one. So there is no need to spend too much on their maintenance because new used cars often break down less as compare to older used cars. As per the lease conditions, if your Preowned Porsche car is faulty you can ask to replace it with a perfect one.

Porsche dealer is who worked in the financial market and helps people to fix their credit to get authorized new or Preowned Porsche. As compare to other financial options it is good to buy Porsche on lease from a certified lease Porsche dealer. A certified Porsche dealer has a broad inventory of each and every make and model of used and new Porsche. Moreover, the releases your 80% stress about auto financing and vehicle selection.

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Whether you’re thinking about a new or Preowned Porsche car, ask your dealer about lease Porsche. It provides you all the flexibility and simplicity you expect to have from a lease and performance that you are expecting from Porsche.

Champion Motors offers flexible conditions and affordable monthly payment plan on Preowned and new Porsche models. With minimal initial cash requirements, small monthly payments and preset lease end residual values, Champion Motors is definitely the best option to a cash purchase or other types of financing options.

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Every building having several floors needs stairs to connect other floors. In your home, you will find a lot of fixed staircases like attic stairs, basement stairs and so on. And perhaps a small staircase to a mezzanine or landing. Mainly because inside stairs are an important part of your home, choosing the right type of interior staircase and a finish that matches your indoor is of great importance.

A short overview of different types of staircases

Types of stairs:

  • Stitch step: staircase that runs right up.
  • Quarter-turn staircase: staircase that makes an angle of 90° turn.
  • Bordes Stairs: staircase uses when running one or more platforms. The z-stage part of this.
  • Spiral staircase: a staircase which rotates around a central pivot or opening.


All types of staircases are also available in two versions:

  • Closed: a closed staircase has risers between the treads.
  • Open: open inner stairs have no risers.

The floating staircase is a special version of stairway without risers, rungs anchored directly into the wall so that the staircase cheek missing.

Materials used in indoor stairways

Depending on the desired look of your home, you can choose to carry out your internal stairs into another material. The most common material are:

  • Wood fits into both classic and modern interiors, depending on the type of wood . A complete wooden staircase may begin to crack over time.
  • Concrete is very cheap and easy to make. Concrete is beautiful in a modern interior, but can also be coated with other materials .
  • Metal staircase is durable and beautiful in contemporary interiors.
  • Stone within steps can be performed entirely in stone and covered with tiles, natural stone or a completely different material.

Cladding for indoor stairs

  • Indoor staircase lined with wood fit into any decor due to the wide range of varieties.
  • Actually, concrete feel too cold. You can choose a stair carpet in concrete style that look good and hide the unpleasant feeling.
  • Carpet is a classic coating for indoor stairs. At present, this is used less.
  • Indoor Stairs can be given a distinctive look by coating them with beautifully flamed dark steel.
  • Genuine leather upholstery to decor stairs that looks great and stay longer. You can choose from a variety of leather colors.
  • If you like a staircase with a beautiful solid color, possibly combined with risers in stainless steel as well as dressed stages with laminate which is also available in wood or concrete look.

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Thestaircompanyuk staircases gives you the opportunity to choose between several different stair models, materials, colors and combinations. With staircases Sheffield, you can easily carry the design elements from the floor, kitchen or living room in your home through its own material in steps and railings.

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Gum disease is now considered a serious health risk that many people do not even know they have! Are you one of them?

Gum disease is a term we use to describe a range of diseases in the mouth, including bleeding gums, gingivitis, inflammation, and periodontal disease. As, gum disease has now been implicated in a wide variety of health problems like heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes, it is critical that you understand how to deal with this problem.

reverse receding gums

Here are some questions you should ask yourself about gum disease:

  • What is it?  
  • What causes it? 
  • How do I know that I’ve it? 
  • Is it damaging my health right now? 
  • How do I stop gingivitis and the associated health risks?

Up to 75% of adults have some level of gum disease. Gum disease and inflammation may increase your risk for major health problems like heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. In the early stages, gum disease is reversible, but at some point the damage becomes permanent. A lot of people don’t know they have gum disease, which is damaging their health. If you ignore the primary symptoms, you cannot stop the negative effects of gum disease.

Can receding gums be reversed naturally?

If you want to eliminate the health risks from gingivitis, you simply need to do something different than what you’ve always done.

The most important step to take in making sure you never have to face gum disease is to practice good brushing and flossing habits. By keeping your mouth clean, you will ensure that you keep the germs that cause gingivitis and periodontal disease out. Coupled with regular trips to the dentist, you can likely live free of gum disease your whole life.

Use of Nature’s Smile oral gum balm along with regular dental hygiene,  also stop all the negative effects of gum disease and fix all your oral health problems.

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Top 10 Things For A Winter Ready Truck

The last thing any owner-operator needs is to break down in harsh winter. A vehicle check now before winter arrives is a sensible way to avoid the embarrassment of being stranded out in the harsh and cold weather and with the unanticipated cost of emergency repairs, says the Big Rig Power.

ECM Tuning: “Winterizing your vehicle before the temperatures drop is a wise idea,” said Sharri Pennell, president, BigrigPower “An investment of an hour or two to have your truck checked is all it takes to avoid the cost and hassle of vehicle trouble during severe weather.”


The Big Rig power recommends the following steps for winterizing your vehicle:

  1. Due for a tune-up..? Have it done before winter sets in!!

Winter amplifies existing complications such as pings, hard starts, slow performance.

  1. Winter is stiff on batteries.

Have the battery/charging system checked for peak performance. Clean it and also put fresh antifreeze in the cooling system.

As a general rule of thumb, this should be done six months.

  1. Heaters, defrosters and wipers

Make Sure to replace old winter wiper blades. It is also an intelligent decision to use cold weather washer fluid. As a general rule of thumb is that the wiper blades should be replaced every 6 months.


  1. Check the tires

Don’t forget to check the tire pressure and tire tread depth. If snow is a problem in your area, buy special tires designed to hold slippery roads. In midwinter, tire pressure should be checked once in a week.

  1. Emergency kit

Drivers should stock an emergency kit including following things,

Ice scraper, jumper cables, flashlight, flares, snow-brush, blanket, extra clothes, match boxs, dry food and important medicines.

  1. Have the brakes checked!!

The braking system is the vehicle’s most important safety item, so it should be checked properly.

  1. Exhaust system

Your truck’s exhaust system should be checked for carbon monoxide leaks, which can be especially dangerous during cold weather driving when windows of your trucks are closed.

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  1. Exterior and Interior lights

Don’t forget to Check the exterior/interior lights work and headlights are well.

  1. Change oil and filter

Be conscientious about changing the oil/filter at recommended interims. Have your mechanic check the fuel and transmission filters! You should know that the muted oil can cause trouble in wintertime.

  1. Fuel tank half full

Drivers should at least keep the fuel tank half full at all times to lessening the chances of dampness in the fuel lines and possibly freezing.

Big Rig Power OWntheroad

About The BigRigPower Owntheroad.Ca

The BigRigPower Owntheroad.Ca is a leader in performance tuning,  ECM Tuning and conversions all across North America. Big Rig Power develops, sells and installs advanced and proven products that bring new levels of economy and performance to heavy-duty diesel trucks and equipment. This way BigRigPower is helping owner-operators and fleet operators significantly improve their bottom line.

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